the northeast ohio
women's sports alliance

The Northeast Ohio Women's Sports Alliance (NOWSA) exists at the intersection of sports, community, social justice and real world factors impacting today's women.

Our mission is to expand awareness for community-based sports in Northeast Ohio and offer supportive services for individual athletes, teams, their coaches and staff.


Our hope is that every person, especially girls and women, who wants to integrate sport into their life has the information, access, and support to do so.


The Community Support Hub

A3 Program (Amplify, Awareness, and Access)



  • Consolidate educational and community resources for athletic partners.

  • Maintain one website about local women’s sports opportunities.

  • Host collaborative events for athletes, coaches, families, and the public.

  • Attend community events to share information about our local partners and sports options.


  • Develop resources related to event planning, mental health, leadership, and other topics relevant to community-based adult sports.

  • Offer confidential consultations about specific individual or organizational challenges, ideas, etc. A mental health professional is on staff, if needed.

  • Provide information and referrals to any necessary community services.


  • Facilitate social media and email marketing campaigns.

  • Manage online index of local sports organizations and events.

  • Coordinate special projects and programming with news sources, community groups, universities, etc.

  • Attend community events to spread awareness about our partners and women's sports.